There will be 4 transnational learning events carried out which all have a focus on a certain topic:

  1. 12th – 17th January 2016 transnational learning event in Viimsi, Estonia for teachers. The main topic is flipped classroom and teachers are trained by the professional trainers what is this methodology about, what methods are used and they start planning their own flipped lessons. After the meeting, teachers will continue the work and develop the materials which will be put into practice during the 2nd project year.
  2. 6th – 9th April 2016 transnational learning event in Helsinki, Finland for students. The topic of the meeting is “ICT in everyday life”. Before the meeting students in each school will gather information about ICT in their life and during the meeting they will compare their information and make 6 video clips that show the reality of students and ICT in project countries. Additionally the project logo will be created using the logo creation apps for tablets.
  3. In October 2016 transnational learning event in Loureiro, Portugal for teachers. The topic of the meeting is outdoor learning using ICT tools. Teachers will share their best practices and will be trained by experts to use some new methods and tools. Each school will develop an orienteering game using the learnt tools and teachers will compile the lessons using new methods and tools.
  4. In April 2017 transnational learning event in Istanbul, Turkey for students where students share the best apps and sites for different subject learning which they have searched for during the project and which has been systemized as a database. During the meeting the students will learn how to create their own apps for learning.