Final meeting

From the 8th-11th of June 2017 a final meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey. 2 teachers from Finland and Estonia and 3 teachers from Portugal met with the Turkish team of 4 teachers to summarize the whole project, to make conclusions, learn about Mobility Tool  and start writing the final report. We also made plans how to disseminate the project even more and what else can we do to make sure that the project results are sustainable. Every single person in this meeting thought that this project was very successful because students learnt end experienced a lot and teachers as well. For Portugal and Finland schools’ it was the first international project and they learnt a lot about writing, managing and analyzing an international project. More summaries of this project you can read in autumn.

Visiting Turkey during Ramadan was eye opening for a lot of us. While working on the project the whole team learnt a lot about Turkey, Islam religion and Ramadan.