Porolahden peruskoulu, Finland

Porolahden peruskoulu is a comprehensive school situated in a sub-urb Roihuvuori, which is in eastern Helsinki. We provide basic education for grades 1 to 9, which means the pupils are between 6-16 years old. The school operates in four buildings around  Roihuvuori. Of these, three smaller buildings are primary schools and the largest one is a secondary school, which the target group of this project attend.

We have 890 pupils and 67 teachers in our school. In each grade we have a class that specializes in music and in grades 7 to 9 a class that specializes in arts.  The students for these classes are admitted on the basis of an aptitude test. Our school co-operates closely with The Music Institute of Eastern Helsinki. One of the primary schools operates in the same building with the Music Institute. The music classes’ pupils’ instrumental lessons are also integrated in their school days.

We also have classes of pupils with special needs in each grade as well as a class with immigrants with no Finnish language skills. The latter mentioned are integrated into the ordinary classes fairly soon. On the whole, the students come from various socio-economic background, from privileged to challenging.  Around 20 percent of the students are of migrant backgrounds. Further co-operating partners are the local youth center and the church.

The school’s website: http://www.hel.fi/hki/poropk/fi/Etusivu

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