Viimsi Secondary School, Estonia

Viimsi Commune is a rural municipality in Northern Estonia. Neighbouring the capital Tallinn, it is the most populous rural municipality in Harju County. Due to the fact that the population is rapidly increasing, our school is faced with many challenges in order to preserve the identity of our own community. The quality of education and the values offered in Viimsi are to generate the feeling of identity and unite the inhabitants.

There are 1342 students studying and 130 teachers working in Viimsi Secondary School, which makes the school the biggest school in Estonia. This gives us both opportunities and challenges. The school is a an ordinary municipality school where students have various socio-economic backgrounds. From the 7th grade (age 13) there are students enrolling from other schools from Viimsi municipality and nearby Tallinn schools. This makes the classes diversified both by background and level of studying.

Viimsi Secondary School is not only a learning centre, but also the centre of the social life of the municipality.

Our vision is to become a school that gives varied education, has safe environment that helps to retain the school joy and motivation for learning. In order to achieve the vision, our mission is is to enable giving each student the best and feasible development and education with unitary and supporting school staff.

Viimsi Secondary School is an innovative and inclusive school. The students have various of possibilities of taking up different extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, acting, sports, science etc.

The goal of the project is to enrich and challenge students’ and teacher’s motivation towards understanding of different ICT tools that can be used to make learning efficient and motivating. We aim to develop, test and practise methods and approaches, which meet our needs.

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