The first meeting in Viimsi, Estonia 12-17th January 2016

The first transnational learning event was be held in Viimsi, Estonia from the 12th January until the 17th January 2016.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • project teachers get to know each other and Estonia
  • introduce the term “flipped classroom”
  • bring out the problems connected with flipped classroom in practice
  • introduce pedagogic scenario
  • introduce different ICT tools
  • create your own “flipped” lesson

The main topic of the meeting was flipped classroom. The seminars were given by experts from Tallinn University, HITSA ( Information Technology Foundation for Education) – Jüri and Marina Kurvits and teachers who have practiced flipped classroom Kristi Rahn and Meeri Sild. The trainings were very practical in nature. The participants got 18 useful practical tools to use for their classes and already created some materials during the meeting.

As one of the main idea of the project is to learn to use ICT tools for teaching and learning, one day was an orienteering game in the Tallinn old town where smartphones were used. The game was developed using the programme Loquiz.

The link to the materials used and useful tools Useful apps, links, material for flipped classroom

The agenda of the meeting can be found here Learning event in Estonia_agenda

The feedback for the meeting was very positive as the participants found it to be very useful for their teaching practice and they got many new ideas and tools that they didn’t know before. Therefore it can be said that the transnational learning event raised the digital skills of the teachers.

The conclusion of the feedback Learning event Estonia_feedback


The participants of the 1st transnational learning event from Estonia, Turkey, Portugal and Finland (one Estonian is missing)

Some examples of PicCollage task at the end of the meeting:

Collage 2016-01-17 11_18_08  1453023065831 Collage 2016-01-17 09_28_45 PicCollage (1) PicCollage

Articles in local newspapers after the meeting in Estonia:

In Viimsi Teataja (Estonia)

VT_ICT in USE Eesti kohtumine