The penfriends project started again

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As this year we have some new students participating at the project, then we have new penfriend pairs. Last week they started to write letters to eachother in eTwinning site.

The 3rd transnational learning event in Portugal

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The third transnational learning event was held in Portugal from the 3rd – 8th October 2016

An overview of the meeting is here


Participants of the 3rd transnational learning event

The 2nd learning event in Helsinki, Finland

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The second transnational learning event was held in Helsinki, Finland the 6th – 10th April 2016.

An overview of the meeting is here


The 1st transnational learning event in Estonia

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The first transnational learning event was be held in Viimsi, Estonia from the 12th January until the 17th January 2016.

An overview of the meeting is here


The surveys about ICT usage among students and teachers

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In November all the partnerschools conducted a survey among the target group of students and teachers to get to know the situation at the beginning of the project about the topics that are in the focus of the project.

The information that has been received from the surveys will be used for the preparation of the students next task “ICT in everyday life” and is helping to plan the activities in the partnerschools taking into consideration the real situation.

136 students having penfriends

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One of the first activity that the students got engaged with was the penfriends project were students got at least one other student from the partnercountry as their penfriend. They communicate via eTwinning, emails, facebook and Skype.

The first get to know

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The project teams had a chance to finally meet face to face in the beginning of October when the kick-off meeting took place in Portugal. More info about what happened during the kick off meeting can be read here.