Task: application and sites

There are different useful applications and sites to study different subjects. We see the need that students themselves find those useful apps and sites to raise the students usage of ICT tools (both devices and resources) in effective and efficient way for the work in school and also at home and also to activate students more to take up responsibility for their learning, to be more entrepreneurial and creative. 

The survey which was conducted in each school in November 2015 showed that students use some apps for some subjects, but not all of them and not in every subjects. Also the survey that was conducted among teachers brought out that teachers do not have enough time to search for the apps for their subjects.

Therefore the students in each country search for different apps and sites. At first they will share their findings within their own school and on the 2nd year of the project on international level.

Final outcome of the task will be a database of sites and apps for different subjects made by students.  

In Estonia the action “Looking for app experts” was started in February 2016. The posters that are used for promotion Looking for app expert poster (EST)

The promotional video can be seen here

Some examples of the students teaching others using the apps: