Engin Can Güre Secondary School, Turkey

Engin Can Güre Secondary School, the building expenses of which are carried by a popular Turkish singer Sibel Can, is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Engin Can Güre Secondary School, which is a mainstream state school, was founded in 2001 with 30 classrooms. After the separation of primary and secondary schools, education continues in the second building. The building and the garden of the school lie on the area of 3460 m2. We have got 1765 students whose ages range between 12 and 15. There are 57 teachers and three deputy principals and a principal. The building includes 19 classrooms, 2 counselling rooms, and a sports room. Classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors and wireless internet connections.

In our school, we adopt learner centered education for classes we teach. In the lessons such as Turkish, Mathematics, English, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Technology and Design, we apply constructivist approach. We aim to grow individuals who have self-confidence, care for humanity, can take responsibility for their learning and can think creatively and reflectively. Students explore themselves with the help of our dedicated education professionals and teachers. Through the education programs we apply, students are prepared for the future as eager researchers, communicative, hardworking, open minded and considerate individuals who are able to think interrogatively.

School’s website: http://engincanortaokulu.meb.k12.tr/tema/

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