One of the key competence of the 21st century is digital competence. We cannot deny that technology is an integral part of our every day lives and all the jobs we prepare our students for are connected with that. According to the results of the survey done by the European Commission in 2013 “ICT in education” ICT provision and use in European schools is improving but several obstacles remain. There is a need for raising the digital competence of both students and teachers.

Therefore the most important objectives of the project are:

  1. To raise the digital skills and competency of teachers who deal with students aged 13-15 by supporting ICT based teaching. Teachers will focus on 2 areas: flipped classroom and outdoor learning using ICT tools.
  2. Raise the students usage of ICT tools (both devices and resources) in effective and efficient way for learning.
  3. Test new methods and methodologies using the mobile devices

Through these objectives we hope to increase the motivation for learning for both students and teachers and that students are more active, entrepreneurial and creative. As the project is done transnationally the objectives are also connected with better cultural understanding and raising tolerance.

The are two target groups of this project – students aged 13-15 and teachers teaching these students. Participants of the project are the selection of the representatives of the target groups mentioned above who will participate in transnational learning events.

In long term we see that the students who have participated in the project have gained useful knowledge and skills needed in their professional life in the future. The skills gained during the project will continue within each individual and will be used after the project has ended.  The project is first helping the schools to take a step further implementing their schools strategic directions, but also helping the countries to get closer to their envisaged vision in ICT education.

The main results of this project are:

–  Raised digital competence for students and for teachers which is put into practice on the classroom level. Teachers have learnt and tested methods using ICT in outdoor learning and using flipped classroom methodology and prepared the lessons and materials with the knowledge gained.  Students have tested using applications and sites for learning, have learned how to create their own applications and how to use ICT tools for video creation.

– Raise of motivation and confidence in using ICT for both students and teachers

–  Students have improved their language skills, co-operational skills, entrepreneurship and creativity by creating apps in International groups in Finland and videos on the topic of “ICT in our life” in Turkey.

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